A Mobile application for fast-tracking the investigation of criminal activities and filed complaints: a case study of National Police Service

Ronoh, Florah Jepkosgei
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Strathmore University
Technology is widely recognized as the key to National Development. Notably, the existence and evolution of technology is a necessity to socio-economic growth and productivity as well as high secure quality life. The study investigated the extent to which the system of managing crucial security data in National Security Forces is effective. The effectiveness, in this case, related to criminal investigations and management of vital security data in as far as the police and maintenance of law and order are concerned. In practice, investigation officers mainly depend on the information that is obtained from various sources to aid investigations. Usually, there is an overall delay in the investigation process if no information about a suspect or a scene of illegality is in place. A lot of manual recording and very improper ways of storing and capturing data contributes a lot to loss of information about the same. Therefore, this leads to the existence of several unsolved crimes and complaints. This study sought to find out how to integrate technology into the criminal investigation department of National Police Service to improve their service delivery in terms fast tracking the investigation of criminal activities and filed complaints. The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data. The proposed system was developed and tested on the Android platform combined with an analytical backend for post manipulation of the mobile application information by an administrator. Usability testing was carried out to ascertain the user friendliness of the system and how a new user interacts with the system; whether they experience ease of use or not. The end result was a mobile application that helps the criminal investigation department fast-track the investigation process of criminal activities and complaints filed eliminating the issue of lack of seamless tracking in the process of investigating a crime.
A Dissertation Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Degree of Master of Science in Mobile Telecommunication and Innovation
Security and Intelligence, Tracking Crimes, Mobile Technology