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  • Modeling the profitability of power production from short-rotation woody crops in Sub-Saharan Africa 

    Da Silva, Izael Pereira (2012)
    Increasing electricity supply in Sub-Saharan Africa is a prerequisite to enable economic development and reduce poverty. Renewable sources such as wood-fueled power plants are being promoted for social, environmental and ...
  • Innovative Energy Access for Remote Areas: “The LUAV-Light up a Village” Project 

    Da Silva, Izael Pereira (Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2015)
    The Light-up a village (LUAV) program is a rural development initiative designed to improve access to modern energy solutions in remote areas of developing countries. The initiative addresses the challenge of Pico PV ...
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions in a Third Level Educational Institution in Sub-Sahara Africa 

    Da Silva, Izael Pereira; Ronoh, Geoffrey; Ouma, Clint; Jerono, Caren (Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2015)
    The effort to reduce carbon emissions as the arguably most prevalent cause of global warming has been a positive trend in most African countries. One of the most successful strategies towards reaching that goal is the ...
  • Kevin Otieno-Onyango: business and technology dilemma (A) 

    Acosta, Freddie Racosas; Acosta, Arlene, Suson (Emerald Publishing, 2013)
    The dilemma could be described something like: “I want to do an honest business in order to alleviate somewhat the financial difficulty of my family […] yet my pursuit impacts negatively on my immediate customers”. This ...
  • ADR, access to justice and development in Kenya 

    Kariuki, Muigua; Kariuki, Francis (Kariuki Muigua and Company, 2014-05)
    Development is not feasible in a conflict situation. Conflicts and disputes must be managed effectively and expeditiously for development to take place. Formal mechanisms for conflict management have not always been ...

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