An Interactive school communication system

Kigen, James Chelogoi
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For most schools in Kenya parents have to be physically present at the school to follow on their kids school progress, considering the busy schedules of the modern day parent this may not be easy for them. Also the flow of communication is normally one way from the school to parents. In that regard this project provides a means that parents can follow on their school going children’s progress from wherever, enable two-way communication between the school and parents and/or students. A mobile solution Instant Results is proposed to solve this problem. Instant Results is a mobile application that enables parents and/or students to query for academic results, and follow on their children’s school progress using their mobile phones. This project provides; Reliable and up to date information about school academic results to users in a manner that is very easy to access at all times. The system is designed, developed and tested by subject matter experts during the research period. The research concludes that the mobile solution would add value to the communication channel between all the school stakeholders. It also concludes that the application is ready for the market as it passed all the required tests carried out.The research recommends further work to developing more modules for the system as well as a follow up research to test on the effectiveness of the system.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation