UAV heading controller using reinforcement learning

Kimathi, Stephen
Kang’ethe, Samuel
Kihato, Peter
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Strathmore University
The control of heading of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a vital operation. It is accomplished by employing a design of control algorithms that control its flying direction. The available autopilots exploit Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) based heading controllers. Here we propose an adaptive controller based on reinforcement learning. The heading controller will be designed in Matlab/Simulink for controlling a UAV in X-Plane test platform. Through this platform, the performance of the designed controller is compared with that of a well-tuned PID controller using real time simulations. The results show that the proposed method performs better.
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UAV, Reinforcement Learning, PID, X-Plane
Kimathi, S., Kang’ethe, S., & Kihato, P. (2017). UAV heading controller using reinforcement learning. In Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications (PACT). Nairobi: Strathmore University. Retrieved from