Effective utilization of physical resources in relation to academic performance. a case study on Kimathi Primary School

Angila, Grace A.
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Strathmore University
The primary stage of education is the most important for every child since it is here that basic knowledge is given to the child and a firm foundation for an economically productive and fulfilling life are laid. For this to be realized, there is a need to provide essential educational resources effectively and equitably to all pupils in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning. The quantity and quality of physical facilities and instructional materials that are available in the school determines partly the quality of education that the children experience through relevant curriculum coverage. The study endeavored to investigate the effect of the availability and the utilization of physical resources and their impact on pupil's performance in Kimathi Primary School. Using a case study approach, the process, organizational mechanisms and practices that are aimed at effective management of resources for improved performance were viewed. Classroom observation, interviews, questionnaires and literature review were used, focusing on availability, adequacy and utilization of these physical facilities within the school. The study was guided by the research questions, which were set to establish effectiveness and efficiency in the usage of the physical resources and the instructional materials and whether these have an effect on performance. The target population was all the pupils at the school with a total current population of 1420 pupils. The sampled population comprised I 0% of the whole population; hence 142 class eight pupils, who were randomly sampled in strata to get a figure of 48. The head teacher and fifteen teaching staff. The school management committee (SMC) and two support staff were reached through personal interviews. The study examined the adequacy of the Physical Resource such as classrooms, teaching and learning resources, sanitary facilities, computer facilities and sports field, how these resources are effectively utilized for the purpose of teaching and learning, which is the core business of a school. The selected design for the study was ex-post facto , where correlational method was specifically applied. The study assumed that the respondents would respond to the questions objectively. The collected data was then analyzed using statistical measures such as frequencies, percentages, averages and bar graphs. The research findings indicate a positive relationship between effective utilization of physical resources, and the pupils' performance. The findings were analyzed and discussed in light of the effect of the usage in promoting good performance. Recommendations given include initiation of income generating projects for extra money for repairs and school development, as shown in the sample five-year strategic plan for the school. Further research include replication of the study using a larger sample like a whole Division.
Research project presented to Strathmore University, IHED’S, in partial fulfillment for the requirements of the Postgraduate diploma in Educational Management