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    An Assessment of maintenance of physical and environmental resource and strategies for improvement. a case of Rae girls school Nyando District
    (Strathmore University, 2008) Olueya, George O.
    The main problem of this study is that despite the crucial role of maintenance in enhancing durability and use or physical; and environmental resources, performance of maintenance in schools has been quite dismal. Overriding factors resulting to this dismal performance of physical and environmental resources have not been adequately investigated and clearly understood therefore inhibiting an elaborate and continuous maintenance plan for schools. In this regard the purpose or this study was to understand and assess the current state of maintenance or physical and environmental resources and to detail action strategies for improvement in a selected secondary school, Rae Girls Secondary, lower Nyakach division, Nyando District,Nyanza province. This is an action research ·focusing of Rae Girls Secondary School, the researcher’s station of work. Another neighboring school was also studied for purposes of comparison. Views on further improvement of maintenance were also sought. Prom the sample school about 140 students \ivcrc selected from form I - IV. Data was collected using a questionnaire fi·om the head teacher, teachers and students. A questionnaire was also administered on the 'head teacher of a neighboring school to provide information that can be used for comparison. Semi-structured interview schedules were administered on the bursar, maintenance staffs and the driver as well as the storekeeper. Focused group discussion was used ;md involved the researcher and first group and second groups. In the group discussion views on maintenance of physical and environmental resources was sought and they contributed immensely on what improvement should be made. An observation checklist was also used to investigate and assess the current state and type of maintenance carried out. The researcher also used unwritten evidence by focusing on the appearance of building classrooms, furniture, textbooks and other vital facilities. Also the researcher used existing clues, carried out investigation and inspected the classes, desks, chairs, floors and walls by looking for signs or breakage of glass windows, furniture, graffiti or writings on the walls. Data was collected and analyzed using a descriptive case study approach in accordance with the research questions and objectives. The current state of maintenance was ar1alyzed and examined vis-a-vis the financial and human resources available. Plans for improvements have also been highlighted alongside the available maintenance resources and plans.
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    Effective utilization of physical resources in relation to academic performance. a case study on Kimathi Primary School
    (Strathmore University, 2008-04) Angila, Grace A.
    The primary stage of education is the most important for every child since it is here that basic knowledge is given to the child and a firm foundation for an economically productive and fulfilling life are laid. For this to be realized, there is a need to provide essential educational resources effectively and equitably to all pupils in order to facilitate effective teaching and learning. The quantity and quality of physical facilities and instructional materials that are available in the school determines partly the quality of education that the children experience through relevant curriculum coverage. The study endeavored to investigate the effect of the availability and the utilization of physical resources and their impact on pupil's performance in Kimathi Primary School. Using a case study approach, the process, organizational mechanisms and practices that are aimed at effective management of resources for improved performance were viewed. Classroom observation, interviews, questionnaires and literature review were used, focusing on availability, adequacy and utilization of these physical facilities within the school. The study was guided by the research questions, which were set to establish effectiveness and efficiency in the usage of the physical resources and the instructional materials and whether these have an effect on performance. The target population was all the pupils at the school with a total current population of 1420 pupils. The sampled population comprised I 0% of the whole population; hence 142 class eight pupils, who were randomly sampled in strata to get a figure of 48. The head teacher and fifteen teaching staff. The school management committee (SMC) and two support staff were reached through personal interviews. The study examined the adequacy of the Physical Resource such as classrooms, teaching and learning resources, sanitary facilities, computer facilities and sports field, how these resources are effectively utilized for the purpose of teaching and learning, which is the core business of a school. The selected design for the study was ex-post facto , where correlational method was specifically applied. The study assumed that the respondents would respond to the questions objectively. The collected data was then analyzed using statistical measures such as frequencies, percentages, averages and bar graphs. The research findings indicate a positive relationship between effective utilization of physical resources, and the pupils' performance. The findings were analyzed and discussed in light of the effect of the usage in promoting good performance. Recommendations given include initiation of income generating projects for extra money for repairs and school development, as shown in the sample five-year strategic plan for the school. Further research include replication of the study using a larger sample like a whole Division.
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    The use of different teaching strategies to improve classroom discipline in form 4 at Strathmore School
    (Strathmore University, 2008-05) Owino, George
    Strathmore School is a private, independent, boys' day school that prepares students for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations. There are around 630 students in the school. The School's chief purpose is to develop the minds and consciences of its students so that they can become self-disciplined and resourceful, and therefore better able to serve society in a useful way. This in keeping with its overall mission of producing competent professionals, responsible citizens, loyal friends, responsible members of a family and God-loving people. Above all, the School emphasizes academic excellence and moral integrity. The School aims at creating an environment that is conducive to learning; both experienced teachers and well-motivated students strive to actualize this.
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    An Assessment of the role of teaching and support staff in maintenance of resources: a case of Majengo secondary school, Bondo district, Nyanza province in Kenya
    (Strathmore University, 2007) Othieno, Indira Ogonjo
    Provision of appropriate resources is essential in running a successful school. These resources are important for the implementation of the school curriculum. There is need to have them maintained for continuous use. This study was therefore aimed at assessing the role of the teaching and support staff in the process of maintaining the resources that they use. The assessment was done by use of questionnaires for the staff and interview schedule for the staff and interview schedule for the head teacher. The study targeted Majengo Secondary School in Bondo District of Nyanza Province.The sampling technique used m this study was purposive sampling. The data were analysed by developing frequency distribution and tabulating responses and percentages were used in drawing conclusions from data. From the study, it was clear that the staff participated slightly in maintaining the resources. It also came out clearly that they are not satisfied with role they are allowed to play. The study further recommended that the staff could be more involved in the process by being given enough resources to use. Their views should also be considered when making changes. They also suggested the use of a maintenance form. The study finally made suggestions for further research based on the findings.
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    An Evaluation of the administration of continuous tests and examinations: a case study of the Victor's school Nairobi
    (Strathmore University, 2008) Omondi, Sarah Anzazi
    This research project is a descriptive case study that takes an in-depth analysis of the administration of continuous tests and examinations at The Victor's School, a private primary school situated in South 'C' in Langata Division in Nairobi. The purpose of this study was be to evaluate the manner in which continuous tests and examinations are administered at The Victor's School and point out the issues arising out of the current system in place in order to form a basis for formulation of a comprehensive regulations and policy guideline document for the administration of continuous tests and examinations at the school,and to inform teachers of the expected standard.Administration of continuous tests and examinations is a very crucial issue in the Kenyan system of primary level education, the 8.4.4. Curriculum. Tests and measurement provide the teacher with data on the teaching-learning process , and especially on students' diagnosis of learning disabilities of past failures , of present weakness , the detection of mastery , of competence, of the acquisition and possession of the skills, knowledge and creativity.In this study, a complete enumeration of the subjects was done as the teaching staff was small. Quantitative and qualitative data was collected using a questionnaires and structured interviews to selected staff members. The data obtained was analyzed using simple descriptive statistics, frequency tables and content analysis using Microsoft word.The results obtained showed that teachers felt the assessments were not given the seriousness they deserved. Various issues were raised such as arguments for and against subject teachers setting exams for their students verse out-sourcing for exams , regularization of tests to fortnightly , and the need for teachers to be more strict with pupils' adherence of exams rules.