A heuristic model for planning of single wire earth return power distribution systems

dc.creatorDa Silva, I. P
dc.creatorBakkabulindi, G.
dc.creatorMohammad, R. H.
dc.creatorAmelin, M.
dc.creatorLugujjo, E.
dc.dateSun, 19 May 2013
dc.dateTue, 25 Jun 2013 16:35:46
dc.dateMonth: 11 Day: 9 Year: 2011
dc.dateTue, 25 Jun 2013 16:35:46
dc.description.abstractThe planning of distribution networks with earth return is highly dependent on the ground's electrical properties. This study incorporates a load flow algorithm for Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) networks into the planning of such systems. The earth's variable conductive properties are modelled into the load flow algorithm and the model considers load growth over different time periods. It includes optimal conductor selection for the SWER system and can also be used to forecast when an initially selected conductor will need to be upgraded. The planning procedure is based on indices derived through an iterative heuristic process that aims to minimize losses and investment costs subject to load flow constraints. A case study in Uganda is used to test the model's practical application.
dc.formatNumber of Pages:215 - 222
dc.identifier.citationG. Bakkabulindi, M. R. Hesamzadeh, M. Amelin, I. P. Da Silva, and E. Lugujjo, "A Heuristic model for planning of single wire earth return power distribution systems", Proceedings of the IASTED Power and Energy Systems and Applications International Conference, Pittsburgh, USA, November 7–9, 2011.
dc.publisherPower and Energy Systems and Applications, PESA
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dc.titleA heuristic model for planning of single wire earth return power distribution systems
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A Heuristic model for planning of SWER distribution systems
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