An Assessment of maintenance of physical and environmental resource and strategies for improvement. a case of Rae girls school Nyando District

The main problem of this study is that despite the crucial role of maintenance in enhancing durability and use or physical; and environmental resources, performance of maintenance in schools has been quite dismal. Overriding factors resulting to this dismal performance of physical and environmental resources have not been adequately investigated and clearly understood therefore inhibiting an elaborate and continuous maintenance plan for schools. In this regard the purpose or this study was to understand and assess the current state of maintenance or physical and environmental resources and to detail action strategies for improvement in a selected secondary school, Rae Girls Secondary, lower Nyakach division, Nyando District,Nyanza province. This is an action research ·focusing of Rae Girls Secondary School, the researcher’s station of work. Another neighboring school was also studied for purposes of comparison. Views on further improvement of maintenance were also sought. Prom the sample school about 140 students \ivcrc selected from form I - IV. Data was collected using a questionnaire fi·om the head teacher, teachers and students. A questionnaire was also administered on the 'head teacher of a neighboring school to provide information that can be used for comparison. Semi-structured interview schedules were administered on the bursar, maintenance staffs and the driver as well as the storekeeper. Focused group discussion was used ;md involved the researcher and first group and second groups. In the group discussion views on maintenance of physical and environmental resources was sought and they contributed immensely on what improvement should be made. An observation checklist was also used to investigate and assess the current state and type of maintenance carried out. The researcher also used unwritten evidence by focusing on the appearance of building classrooms, furniture, textbooks and other vital facilities. Also the researcher used existing clues, carried out investigation and inspected the classes, desks, chairs, floors and walls by looking for signs or breakage of glass windows, furniture, graffiti or writings on the walls. Data was collected and analyzed using a descriptive case study approach in accordance with the research questions and objectives. The current state of maintenance was ar1alyzed and examined vis-a-vis the financial and human resources available. Plans for improvements have also been highlighted alongside the available maintenance resources and plans.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Post Graduate diploma in Education Management of Strathmore University.