The Factors affecting quality assurance of pharmaceutical distributors in Nairobi County

Kibandi, Peris
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Strathmore University
Quality assurance of pharmaceutical distributors is essential in the pharmaceutical product handling from the manufacturer to the patient as the end user. The Health Authority being the Pharmacy and Poisons Board has been instrumental in ensuring that the pharmaceutical distributor is well regulated through issuance of licenses for operation after an assessment. However, the distribution system in Kenya remains exposed to the risk of poor-quality medicines if the quality assurance is not observed or maintained. The study sought to determine the factors affecting quality assurance of pharmaceutical distributors in the county of Nairobi. The specific objectives were to determine the role of management commitment, customer focus and continuous improvement on quality assurance of pharmaceutical distributors in Nairobi County. A descriptive research design was adopted and the targeted population was the quality assurance managers of the 186 registered pharmaceutical distributors in Nairobi County. The analyst utilized a stratified random sampling strategy to come up with 74 respondents, which constituted the sample size. The research utilized primary data in form of questionnaires and comprised of both close and open-ended questions. The research chose 18 persons as the pilot group from the population of target. Analysis of data was carried out by employing Microsoft Excel and SPSS by the use of means, percentages and frequencies. A multivariate regression model assisted in establishing the relationship amongst the studied factors. In Conclusion, the pharmaceutical distributors had codes of practice in place regarding employees involved in the distribution of pharmaceutical products and budget for quality assurance aspects. The pharmaceutical distributors had enhanced customer satisfaction through timely delivery of customer products and responding to product quality defects. The pharmaceutical distributors had made innovations and improvements to their facilities and processes to ensure quality assurance was achieved. More funds should be allocated towards enhancing management commitment as a recommendation. Pharmaceutical distributors should continue ensuring customer satisfaction through timely delivery of customer products, timely response to customer complaints, offering quality services and quick response to product quality defects. Pharmaceutical distributors should improve the quality assurance by allocating more funds, developing well elaborate procedures, automation of processes, putting in place checks and balances and implementing recommendations of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.
A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Masters of Business Administration at Strathmore University Business School
Quality assurance, Distribution system, Pharmaceutical distributors, Pharmacy and Poisons Board