Mobile application for long distance vehicles booking of passengers in Kenya

Chemutai, Nancy
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Strathmore University
Making a booking for a journey has been one of the challenges affecting passengers who travel for long distances. Public transport is one field that is facing extreme pressures with customers demanding higher service levels at an affordable prices. Over years, public transport is supposed to facilitate movement of people from one location to next conveniently and in a cheaper way but this is not the case in Kenya where there are a lot of inconveniences affecting passengers using public service vehicles. To ensure a passenger makes a booking in advance, they are required to visit the booking office prior to their travel date and pay for the journey in form of cash causing inconvenience and thus making the passenger to incur an extra cost in order to make a booking in advance. Thus, this study aims at developing a mobile application that would assist passengers in making a booking at their own convenience by indicating their pick-up location so that they do not have to visit the booking office thus saving them time and travelling cost and reduced queues in booking offices and the number of staff employed leading to increased revenues. In addition, the passenger would be in a position to make payment via M-PESA or Credit Card. A simple web page is provided to add some booking details to the database to be used by the mobile application and at the same time to make a booking for few passengers who would visit the office to make a booking and for viewing reports. Data collection was achieved through questionnaires and review of existing data sources. The study was carried out in line with the ethical practices as specified by the University’s rules and regulations.
A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Computer-Based Information Systems at Strathmore University
Mobile application, Long distance, Vehicles booking, Passengers--Kenya