An Evaluation of the administration of continuous tests and examinations: a case study of the Victor's school Nairobi

Omondi, Sarah Anzazi
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Strathmore University
This research project is a descriptive case study that takes an in-depth analysis of the administration of continuous tests and examinations at The Victor's School, a private primary school situated in South 'C' in Langata Division in Nairobi. The purpose of this study was be to evaluate the manner in which continuous tests and examinations are administered at The Victor's School and point out the issues arising out of the current system in place in order to form a basis for formulation of a comprehensive regulations and policy guideline document for the administration of continuous tests and examinations at the school,and to inform teachers of the expected standard.Administration of continuous tests and examinations is a very crucial issue in the Kenyan system of primary level education, the 8.4.4. Curriculum. Tests and measurement provide the teacher with data on the teaching-learning process , and especially on students' diagnosis of learning disabilities of past failures , of present weakness , the detection of mastery , of competence, of the acquisition and possession of the skills, knowledge and creativity.In this study, a complete enumeration of the subjects was done as the teaching staff was small. Quantitative and qualitative data was collected using a questionnaires and structured interviews to selected staff members. The data obtained was analyzed using simple descriptive statistics, frequency tables and content analysis using Microsoft word.The results obtained showed that teachers felt the assessments were not given the seriousness they deserved. Various issues were raised such as arguments for and against subject teachers setting exams for their students verse out-sourcing for exams , regularization of tests to fortnightly , and the need for teachers to be more strict with pupils' adherence of exams rules.
A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of post graduate diploma in Education Management (PGDEM)