User interface design standardization matrix for mobile applications

Muiruri, Chege Mark Brian
Omwenga, Vincent O
Orero, Joseph Onderi
Kiraka, Ruth
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Strathmore University
Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular in the modern setting due to mass adoption of mobile devices and associated technology. However, mobile applications development has been faced by many challenges specifically in user interface design. Recent studies have shown that user interfaces for mobile applications are neglected and rarely meet user needs and expectations. This is largely due to a combination of factors such lack of user participation, programming errors and crossplatform consistency. This paper adopts an exploratory research design in its attempt to provide a solution to the aforementioned problem which is attributed to lack of standardization in user interface design for mobile applications. In an attempt to address this problem, this paper analyzed the features and examined the principles of user interface design for mobile-applications. This-paper proposes a user interface design-standardization matrix as the solutions which should guide designers of user interfaces for mobile applications. The implementation of the standardization matrix is done at the design stage of the user interface and after the interface has been designed. This enables designers to compare the expected design and the actual user interface design. Adoption of this matrix by designers will lead to better quality and superior user interface designs which will in turn improve the usability of mobile applications and user experience. Therefore, the basis of this research is user interface design for mobile applications which is modeled around user interface design features and principles as the key components.
A Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Information Technology at Strathmore University
Interface, Design, Matrix, Mobile applications