Modelling the dynamics of e-health systems assimilation by healthcare providers in Kenya

Shabaya, Patrick
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Strathmore University
Research has linked the increase in the implementation and assimilation of e-Health systems by healthcare providers to the provision of high-quality and cost-effective healthcare services. However, the technology assimilation process is problematic and incoherent. Furthermore, most e-Health providers, especially in developing economies are not adequately assimilating their e-Health systems. Understanding how and why organisations assimilate these technologies will help those responsible for implementing e-Health systems develop appropriate interventions to enhance their assimilation. The objective of this study is to apply the system synthesis method in developing and validating a system dynamics model for the assimilation of e-Health systems by healthcare providers in the context of a developing economy such as Kenya. System dynamics is an approach used by researchers to gain decision insights into complex dynamic systems by inferring system behaviour from the structure of the system. Interim results from the case study confirm low assimilation of e-Health systems in Kenya. Technical, organisational and environmental factors, including relative advantage, top management support, system functionality, IT knowledge of users and poor system infrastructure, are among the notable factors that interact to influence the assimilation of e-Health systems.
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Dynamic Synthesis Method, e-Health Systems, System Dynamics, Technology Assimilation, Complex Systems