Embedded System for Vehicle Speed Monitoring

Murakaru, Anne Wamuyu
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Strathmore University
Speed violations have been classified among the major causes of road accidents in developing countries. Speed control on roadways is critical in reduction of the number of road accidents reported on a day to day basis. It is important to specify speed limits on different sections of the roads in order to alert motorists and drivers of speed regulations at any given time.This study aims to develop a system to help motorists maintain the specified speed limits on roads and capture speed violations in real time. The system is comprised of the following critical parts: an embedded system to be deployed in the vehicle, android mobile application and a web application. The embedded systems’ main functionality is to capture speed violations and transmit data to the central processing server. It is composed of a capacitive display unit, GSM/GPS module, 3 axis accelerometer and an audio buzzer. All these components are integrated to form one functional unit.This research adopted agile software development methodology since it was more flexible to the changing requirements of the users and the developer was able to go back and change the system with user views and recommendations in mind. System testing was done to ensure all functionalities met the specifications. The following tests were performed: Unit and integration testing, user testing, functionality testing, and compatibility and acceptance testing. All aspects were deemed to be working according to the requirements.
Speed violations, Embedded system, Speeding, GSM module, GPS module, Microcontroller