Mobile application for school quality evaluation system

Gitonga, Grace Kendi
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Strathmore University
In Kenya, school performance is evaluated and analyzed through exams. Rarely does the government consider evaluating school according to other factors like fees, facilities, number of teachers, merit awards, food menu, and co-curriculum activities. This leads to the look down upon the schools that do not perform well in national examinations. The decision by Kenya’s Ministry of Education to stop the ranking of students and schools based on examination results is an area of contention among teachers, students and parents. The ministry argued that ranking examinations does not enrich the country’s education system, through a circular sent to head teachers and other education stakeholders. This dissertation aims to come up with a mobile application school evaluation system, that evaluates school performance through various factors and ranking them to get the best out of schools in Kenya. The dissertation used descriptive research to establish the nature of the problem and to facilitate the provision of better understanding of the problem. The target population consisted of schools in Nairobi County from where teachers, principals were drawn. Quality officers from the ministry of education were also drawn. A sample population of two hundred was obtained from the target population. The research findings indicated the need for development and implementation of an application to address the shortcoming of the current evaluation system in schools. Therefore, a mobile application school evaluation system was developed to allow scholars, educators, students and parents have a better understanding of Kenya schools in different evaluations. The system consists of an android mobile phone for installation of the mobile application school evaluation system, a back-end to allow the school administrator login, register school, and input necessary information about the school, system administrator to enroll, deactivate and activate a user. The information stored in the system by the school administrator is generated into a graph showing the overall evaluation of the school.
A Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Information Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science Degree in Mobile Telecommunication and Innovation
Mobile application, School quality system, Evaluation