Using big data to predict judicial decisions in Kenya

Gakunju, Erica Warurii
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Strathmore University
The collection and use of data has been important to many civilisations over the centuries. A census, for example, provides essential information that helps a government in making state plans. Over the years, the collection, storage and sharing of data has become more efficient. This has been made possible through the computers and the internet. Data creates enormous value for the world economy, driving innovation, productivity, efficiency, and growth. 1 ‘Big data’ is the accumulated large volume of information has the potential to be mined for information and used. 2 This paper will look into the increasing use of big data in Kenya, the laws that are in place. on how data should be collected and used.
Big data can be described using the seven V’s; volume, velocity, variety, variability, veracity, visualisation and value. 4 Volume, velocity, variety and veracity are the commonly recognised characteristics of Big Data. 5 Big data has been used by many industries in helping them predict their customers’ future behaviour.