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    Factors influencing adoption of computer based accounting information system among small and medium enterprises in Nairobi county
    (Strathmore University, 2021) Abshir, Khalifa Heris
    This research aims at discovering the factors influencing adoption of computer-based accounting information system among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nairobi Kenya. We live in a dynamic society where the business environment is always changing hence needing businesses to constantly update themselves on emerging technologies to survive. One of these technologies is computerized accounting information systems where this study aims to conduct an empirical study on it by exploring, analyzing and surveying SMEs within Nairobi on the adoption of this technology.
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    The Philosophy of non-violence and its application in the management of Kenya's constitutional conflicts
    (Academica Press, 2014) Mudida, Robert
    The author proceeds on the basis that peace is more than the absence of war. The philosophy of non-violence as a way to achieve vital social change is evaluated.The application of non-violence in addressing Kenya’s constitutional conflicts over the last two decades is then considered in the context of key debates in conflict theory. The eventual triumph of the non-violence movement in Kenya in contributing to the adoption of a new constitution in 2010 also strengthens the case for the use of non-violence in achieving social transformation. The author concludes by briefly considering some case studies from other African countries, so as to provide an assessment of non-violence as a means of achieving needed social change.