A Web-based employee time tracking system: enhancing operational efficiency in the workplace

Kimani, Mervyne
Nyatuka, Danny
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Strathmore University
Originally, the only way to confirm employee presence at work involved physical supervision and signing of sheets on arrival. People could report to work late and therefore, they could not render their services effectively thus leading to loss of time and low productivity. Also, such scenarios create thriving grounds for ghost workers in organizations, which lead to increased wage bills for companies and frustrations to human resource managers. As a result, there is lack of accountability among workers in areas of time management and work productivity to determine the compensation due. Unfortunately, there is lack of appropriate mechanisms to monitor employee punctuality and their movements in-and-out of the workplace. Apparently, in this era of modern technology, automated systems can be used to solve the aforementioned issues amicably. The proposed system will facilitate tracking of employees reporting and departure in real time via scanning their staff ID using barcode scanner technology. The project will use prototyping software development methodology whereby PHP, MySQL, HTML and NOTEPAD ++ tools will be used
2018 Conference paper - Thematic areas : ICT, Mobile Applications and Cyber-Security
Web based system, Employee management systems, Tracking Systems, Barcode Technology