Developing an efficient and effective Social Security Adjudication Framework in South Africa - the role and impact of International Standards

Nyenti, Mathias
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Strathmore University Press
South Africa is currently developing an overarching policy framework for efficient and effective resolution of social security disputes as part of reforms towards the establishment of a comprehensive social security system. In the development of the policy, international and regional guidelines and standards on access to justice were instrumental as they are benchmarks on the scope and content of the right of access to courts for social security claimants and the State’s obligations in this regard. This article outlines some international guidelines and standards relevant to the realization of access to justice for social security claimants; and their role in recent reform initiatives that have been undertaken to promote access to justice in the South African social security system.
A journal article published in Strathmore Law Journal SLJ - Volume 1, Number 1, June 2015.
Social Security Adjudication Framework, South Africa, International Standards, Claimants