Franceschi, Luis
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Strathmore University Press
Research is essential in emerging economies. From a financial perspective, it may seem to be a lavish dissipation of desperately desired funds or an unnecessary luxury. However, from an academic perspective, research is what really differentiates a university from any other educational institution. Without research, our education system will soon become irrelevant to society. In legal education, excellence in research is an essential requirement. Research will ensure that our younger generations of lawyers deepen their understanding of social and legal realities, and aim at the pursuit of justice by attaining a perfect match between our laws, policies and the social context. Law always operates within a social context. It provides the foundational tenets that support policy and development. Love for truth and nation will anchor the rule of law to ethics and to our national values, thus making our development sustainable. This is by no means an effortless or straightforward task. It begins here and now, at school, where minds and hearts are shaped for ever, where the magic of knowledge provides each and every young African with a deep yearning…to be an agent of change. It is with profound joy that I write this foreword. The greatest privilege of a teacher is to see his pupils take over and lead the way forward. I am immensely proud of them. They come from different backgrounds and schools. They faced up to the challenge Strathmore Law School posed to them, and their dedication has come to fruition in this finest students’ journal. ‘Without the right values in the people, a democracy is only a confederacy of fools.’ Cory Aquino said this to her Filipino countrymen. And the primary goal of the lawyer is to safeguard one of the highest values of a democratic society: Excellence in the pursuit of justice! I am sure that this young generation of upcoming lawyers will not let us down. Luis Franceschi, LLB, LLM, LLD Dean, Strathmore Law School