A Model for real-time remote monitoring of asthmatic patients

Oduor, Thomas J.
Orero, Joseph
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Strathmore University
Asthma affects a large number of people in the world and it is the most common chronic illness of the lung among children. Monitoring and assessing the severity of a child’s asthma at home has proven difficult and costly in many low resource settings, like Kenya. This is due to lack of easy to use and cost effective in-home monitoring tools for children suffering from asthma. In this work, we present a user-friendly wearable device that allows in-home remote monitoring of asthmatic child and real-time determination of degree of asthma severity. The device captures simultaneous measurements of heart rate and oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter sensor. These readings are then analyzed using clinical algorithm for asthma management, and the resulting severity level sent to both the parent of the child and the assigned clinician. The device was developed using Arduino Uno microcontroller, pulse oximeter sensor and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) module.
The conference aimed at supporting and stimulating active productive research set to strengthen the technical foundations of engineers and scientists in the continent, through developing strong technical foundations and skills, leading to new small to medium enterprises within the African sub-continent. It also seeked to encourage the emergence of functionally skilled technocrats within the continent.
Asthma, Clinical guidelines, Arduino uno microcontroller, Pulse oximeter sensor, GSM, Internet of Things.
Oduor, N., & Orero, J. (2017). A Model for real-time remote monitoring of asthmatic patients. In Pan African Conference on Science, Computing and Telecommunications (PACT). Nairobi: Strathmore University. Retrieved from https://su-plus.strathmore.edu