An Air quality prototype for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions

Ngugi, Maureen Njeri
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Strathmore University
In the world today, every human being wishes to live in a healthy, unpolluted and sustainable environment. This is because such a clean environment enables one to thrive and be productive in all aspects. Such environments are free from anything that may cause diseases and other physical injuries. Unfortunately, as years go by, our world has faced environmental degradation, global warming and high levels of pollution. This has not only affected wildlife and ecosystems in various parts of the world but it has also affected human health. This is evident by various respiratory diseases that have emerged such as pneumonia, bronchitis and many other diseases. This dissertation presents research work that focused on Green House Gas emissions which are a contributing factor to environmental degradation. It is important to monitor the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as it enables individuals, governments and environmental bodies to take action to tackle these emissions. This research used a prototyping methodology by developing an air quality monitoring system for greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It incorporated an air quality monitoring prototype by integrating IoT with Wireless Sensor Networks. Collected data was then uploaded into a cloud platform using the Blynk API which relayed real-time information to a mobile device. The developed prototype achieved 95% accuracy. The developed systems can be used by individuals and environmental bodies to draw various strategies on how to lower Green House Gas emissions and adapt greener technologies that will be of great benefit to the environment as well as for a sustainable ecosystem.
A Thesis Submitted to the School of Computing and Engineering Science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Science in Computing and Information Systems Degree.
Air quality prototype, Greenhouse, Gas emissions