An examination of the drivers of external audit quality of Commercial Banks in Kenya

Shitandi, Anthony Ongoma
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Strathmore University
This research focused on establishing whether adoption of the International Professional practicing Framework (IPPF) by Internal Audit Activities (IAA) of Commercial Banks has an effect on the quality of External Audit reporting. The study used census sampling as it targeted two staff from each of the 42 commercial banks regulated by Central Bank of Kenya. This study utilised primary method of collecting data, by use of questionnaire, as well as secondary data that was generated through a review of relevant documents. The correlation findings show that characteristics of external audit was positively correlated to audit quality (r=0.542, p = 0.01). The results of the regression analysis indicate that external audit characteristics has an impact on external audit quality to a high degree. The influence of the external audit characteristics decreases after the introduction of IPPF (B=0.693, p = 0.01). The influence of governance and management is neither felt before nor after the introduction of IPPF. The mediator, in this case, is the international professional practice framework (IPPF). If significant, MV causes the relationship between the independent and dependent variables to weaken. If not significant, IPPF simply becomes an independent variable. IPPF was found to slightly influence audit quality (B=0.094, p = 0.01). The study established that adoption of IPPF positively influenced the quality of external auditing. The study also found out that external audit characteristics significantly influenced the quality of the external audit. Further, the study established that governance and management of banks influenced the quality of external audits. Commercial banks IAA should, therefore, be encouraged to follow IIA guidelines on the international professional practice framework. The guidelines of IPPF ensure that the internal audit functions are as per the recommended standards. They should also re-evaluate their governance and management to see whether they meet the standards set by CBK as well as IIA. A wider study needs to be conducted to focus on both public and private institutions in Kenya.
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Degree of Master of Commerce (Forensic Accounting) at Strathmore University
International Professional Practicing Framework (IPPF), Internal Audit Activities (IAA), Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)