Strathmore University social and political philosophy senior students personal development projects 2009

Branya, John
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Strathmore University
INTRODUCTION This is a collection of Personal Development Projects reports done by some of the 66 evening class students of Principles of Ethics during the 2nd Semester of the year 2009. There are not necesarily the best, but they are significant. They show how «applied philosophy» could benefit all of us. A sound grounding of philosophical concepts improves our way of seeing ourselves, others and our environment. Because actions follows knowledge, proper knowledge of what we are and what we are meant to do, improves our actions, for our own and others benefit. The reports included in this sampler have been modified to preserve the privacy of the authors. Except for names and companies, the rest are «real life» situations, perceptions, actitudes and behaviours. The purpose of this sampler is to help each one of us to «budget our life» seeing how our colleagues do it. For those who want to try I have included the instructions given to the students for the project. The results of these projects are not the consequence of one subject, or one lecturer, but of the sum of efforts of the students themselves, many lecturers, mentors and other personnel who remain, as the authors, anonimous in the background, for example the project methodology was developed by Ms. C. Dean among others. edit this entry delete this entry
Philosophy, Development, Projects