Access to justice: epistolary jurisdiction as a means of improving access to justice in Kenya

Paranta, Edward Ritei
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Strathmore University
Access to justice is cardinal to the success and well-being of any democracy. To this effect various legislative mechanisms and avenues have been instituted in different democracies to ease enjoyment of this cardinal right especially to the poor and the under-privileged. Epistolary jurisdiction is one of such mechanisms whose roper exploitation and institutionalization would go a long way in improving access to justice. Access to justice in Kenya has faced a myriad of challenges. Resulting thereof, the poor have fallen victim to systemic barriers due to the unavailability of formal mechanisms through which they can pursue their claims. This dissertation explores the viability of epistolary jurisdiction as a means of improving access to justice in Kenya. Additionally, it seeks to explore the sufficiency of the existing legislative framework with regard to the exercise of epistolary jurisdiction. Moreover, it strives to draw some valuable lessons from other jurisdictions that have already institutionalized the practice of this jurisdiction. This research has been carried out with reference to the available secondary documents .Most of the requisite information could be accessed either through books, papers, and website or published journals.
A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of Laws (LL.B) at Strathmore University