Introduction of affirmative action in the composition of Kenya's parliament; a critical evaluation

Nyamongo, Jared Mogaka
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Strathmore University
This project aims to analyze the effectiveness of Article 97(1)(b) and Article 98(l)(b) of the Constitution of Kenya in ensuring there is substantive representation of women in the parliament of Kenya. The dissertation analyses the contributions of women in the 11 111 parliament. The study utilizes a documentary review using sources of primary data such as records of members of Parliament who spoke, bills and various policies that were introduced and by whom they were. The study finds that the Articles have increased the participation of women in the 11 111 parliament. They have also resulted in pro-female policies and legislation being discussed in parliament. The study recommends that we must not restrict women to the "role of the kitchen" and that we must legislate laws that increase the scope of affirmative action to all aspects of the public service and not just parliament.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of Laws