Access to employment for persons with disabilities: the case of Kenya.

Njoroge, Esther Nyaguthii
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Strathmore University
This study sought to investigate access to employment by PWDs in Kenya, the law surrounding the issue of disability, the factors impeding the application of these set out laws and to come up with recommendations on the ways in which the state of persons with disabilities (PWDs) can be improved within the employment sector.The study was done through assessing the adequacy of the current legal framework in curbing discrimination faced by PWDs in accessing employment. It established that the laws in place create a sound legislative framework, that at its current state should, to a larger extent, protect the right of PWDs to accessing employment save for various loopholes in the law. Through brief case studies of good anti-discrimination practices and laws, the study was able to bring out the prominent features of practices that allow PWDs to effectively access employment. Reasonable accommodation of PWDs was seen as a major factor that would contribute to allowing PWDs to confidently access employment.In order for PWDs to access and secure employment in Kenya, the study recommends that the barriers hindering the application of the laws concerning disability be dealt with. It also proposed that the government should take initiatives to obligate employers to make reasonable accommodation. In the end, the study makes the findings that the laws pertaining to PWDs are sound, save for some loopholes, but a more pragmatic way of approaching the subject should be considered. Through case studies of other legal frameworks that are purportedly better in other jurisdictions, the study was able to bring out the prominent features that are necessary for a sound system of laws that would sufficiently ensure PWDs the right to employment without hindrances. The study then recommends various changes aimed at curbing this discrimination.
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Bachelor of Laws Degree at Strathmore University Law School
Persons with Disabilities Act, Neoliberal Theory, Inclusion Theory, Constitution of Kenya 2010, UN Convention Rights for Persons with Disabilities