An examination of the relationship between marketing mix strategies and organizational performance of automobile companies in Nairobi county - a case of Car and General (K) Ltd

Nansubuga, Prossie Mutebi
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Strathmore University
Globalization, stiff competition, threat of new entrants, power of customers, threat of existing customers, these are some of the challenges affecting the performance of automobile companies in Kenya. Using marketing mix strategies to determine the performance of Car & General (K) LTD in terms of market share, sales growth and brand awareness, the research was able to determine the extent he marketing mix strategies affected performance of an organization. The research adopted a descriptive and exploratory design. Using purposive sampling, forty three key informants from Car & General (K) LTD were selected to answer a structured questionnaire. Using Pearson Correlation analysis to test the strength of the relationship between variables, the data collected was analyzed and findings revealed that product, price and promotion had a positive correlation of 0.734, 0.534 and 0.696 respectively. Placement however had a significant negative relationship with organizational performance with r giving us -0.361. The results revealed that there is strong relationship such that the predictors identified in this study are great influencers of performance of the organization in terms of sales growth. Implications of adopting marketing mix strategies in a global market significantly improved sales growth performance leading to overall improved organizational performance in a competitive environment.
Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master in Business Administration at Strathmore Business School
Automobile industry, Marketing mix, Organizational performance, 4Ps, Car and General (K)ltd