Determinants of adoption of agricultural technology in Kenya: a case of small scale farmers in Kirinyaga

Chweya, Valentine Muhonja
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Strathmore University
Agricultural technologies are seen as an important route out of poverty in most of the developing countries. However the rate of adoption of these technologies has remained low in most of these countries. This study aim at shedding some light on the potential factors that influence agricultural technology adoption in Kenya by looking at small-scale farmers in Kirinyaga. Kenya. The following study objective guided the study, to identify determinants of adoption of technology in a among small scale farmers in Kirinyaga. A Iogit and probit model is used to analyze the determinants of technology adoption, using a secondary survey data of 4363 observation. The following were the findings, education level, age, farm size, level of income, belonging to a group and access to credit influence the decision of adoption. Given these results, the paper recommends tailored credit schemes for farmers, dissemination of information via groups, improvement of links between manufacturer of the modem technology and the farmers and subsidizing of the modem agricultural technology
A Research project Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Business Science in Financial Economics at Strathmore University
agricultural technologies, small scale farmers, subsidized farming