A framework for implementation of e-health in Kenya public hospitals

dc.contributor.authorMiddii Edwin Odhiambo
dc.descriptionSubmitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Master of Science in Information Technologyen_US
dc.description.abstractE-health has fundamentally shifted the way patients’ information is accessed and shared across health system. This advancement has greatly improved healthcare which is associated with the mission critical services that are connected with the well being of life, by providing comprehensive, reliable, accessible and timely patient information for evidence based decision to the healthcare providers. However, there are still a problem of gaps and weaknesses in the existing e-health frameworks. The main purpose of the research was to explore on ways in which e-health can be successfully be implemented. The research adopted qualitative and quantitative research methodology to investigate and come up with a framework for the implementation of e-health in public hospitals. The research instruments used were survey questionnaires, interviews. The research identifies the benefits of implementing e-health as; Enhanced health services availability and access, Improved health quality, safety and outcomes, Increased service efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness, Improved teaching methods facilitated by e-learning system, Knowledge sharing by practitioners, Improved decision making and Reduced healthcare cost. The challenges encountered in E-health implementation are; E-health standards, ICT capacity, Elegislation, e-health infrastructure, Security and privacy issues and technical organization. The research found out that there are various areas and components that should be considered in order to successfully implement and scale up e-health uptake in the public hospitals. The areas and components include; Education/awareness, infrastructure, stakeholders, form of ehealth to be implemented, challenges in e-health implementation and uses of e-health. These findings were used to build a framework for implementation of e-health in Kenya public hospital. The framework is composed of the mentioned components and areas. The research therefore, will enhance the quick implementation and uptake of e-health in public hospitals.en_US
dc.publisherStrathmore Universityen_US
dc.subjectPublic hospitalsen_US
dc.subjectinformation communication technology and infrastructureen_US
dc.titleA framework for implementation of e-health in Kenya public hospitalsen_US