Effectiveness of the Ethics and Anti - Corruption Commision in combating corruption within the executive in Kenya

Abass, Hamida Ahmed
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Strathmore University
One of the impediments that hinder Kenya’s economic growth is corruption. It has crept into the various arms of the governments and its respective institutions and as a result has stifled Kenya’s economic growth. Corruption has invariably costed Kenya a lot from being blacklisted by the International Monetary Fund, the World Anti-Doping Agency and being poorly ranked in the Corruption Index Reports. This study explains the very core of the cognitive dissonance in Kenya’s fight against corruption. In as much as this endemic has affected various arms of government, this study particularly focuses on the corrupt practices within the Executive. This study will commence by giving the historical discourse of corruption in Kenya citing the most notorious scandals associated with the Executive. It will then address the various regimes that have been in power in Kenya since 1963, when Kenya gained independence, to date and bring to light the scandals associated with each regime. Thereafter, it will conclude by giving the findings gathered from it and draw out recommendations for the fight against corruption. Its recommendations will revolve around the best practices from the countries used for the comparative analysis.
A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Bachelor of Laws Degree, Strathmore University Law School.
Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC), Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC), Kenya