Framework for linking of mobile application innovations to entrepreneurial opportunities in Kenya

Otieno, Philip Neri
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Strathmore University
Mobile application innovation still an untapped entrepreneurial opportunity in Kenya and local developers are increasingly encouraged to think about accessing global markets by using the “windows of opportunity” offered by the multinational telecommunication companies. Existing mobile service business models have concentrated on markets that are more interested in using the mobile phone as a platform for entertainment such as music, games, movies, and television The purpose of this research is to establish a link between mobile applications innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities.As the whole research of mobile application entrepreneurship is relatively new and the impacts are wide reaching, a model framework of the research was needed. The aim was to widen the theoretical discussion and theory formulation concerning the link between mobile application innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities. The purpose was also to examine the drivers for mobile applications innovations, factors for mobile application entrepreneurship and the challenges in linking the mobile applications innovations to entrepreneurship opportunities. The primary data of the study are interviews of 10 organizations that dealt with mobile applications development. The research is descriptive in nature as it explains the situation in the industry as is. This research widened understanding mobile application entrepreneurship in Kenya. It was found that market needs was the most important driver for mobile application innovation in Kenya, while a thorough understanding of the industry was the most important factor for mobile application entrepreneurship in Kenya.
Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Computer-Based Information Systems
Mobile Application Innovations, Entreprenuership, Kenya