Performance evaluation of the 600kW grid-tied solar photovoltaic system in Strathmore University

Da Silva, Izael
Maranga, Ignatius
Njogu, Mwaura
Wambugu, Anne
Nyarotso, Christopher
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Strathmore University
This paper presents the performance of a 600kW a grid – tied system installed at Strathmore University. The plant has two systems, a 420kW and 180kW connected to two independent transformers. The system is composed of 2,400 solar panels and 30 inverters. The solar PV modules are spread over the rooftops of six buildings within the university. Of the 600kW, 20kW has been taken away for a hybrid system that is used for training at the Strathmore Energy Research Center (SERC). The daily energy generation data for three years is used to identify the Performance Ratio (PR) and Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) of the 600kW system. The performance analysis is then compared to a range of PR and CUF values for well performing grid – tied plants.
2018 Conference paper. Theme (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency)
Renewable energy, Solar photovoltaic system