Pata Services: a mobile application for professional home maintenance services

Mwende, Joy M.
Nyatuka, Danny
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Strathmore University
In the past few decades, there has been population increase thus leading to high demand for housing especially in urban areas. This situation has created opportunities for the private sector with massive investments in the real estate business. However, there has been lack of proper inspection of such projects in some cases. Therefore, regular checks and maintenance particularly of residential buildings is needed to ensure the safety of tenants. However, it’s often a difficult task for to identify qualified home maintenance service providers such as plumbers, electricians and painters among others. As a result, unqualified persons are engaged to fix such problems, which eventually turn out to be disastrous including collapse of buildings, electrocution and leakages from water pipes and sewage. Apparently, there are no proper tools to provide information on where to find professional home maintenance services. The proposed project will develop a mobile application to enable tenants to identify and hire qualified service providers who must be registered and certified by relevant authorities. The project will use extreme programming model where Android studio will be the platform. Firebase will be the database, Java and XML are the languages to be used during implementation
2018 Conference paper on ICT.
Mobile applications, Building design and construction, Home maintenance, Service providers