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dc.contributor.authorDindi, Adeline M.
dc.contributor.authorGichure, Christine Prof.
dc.contributor.authorAlkizim, Ahamad
dc.contributor.authorMunala, Gerryshom
dc.contributor.authorKivaa, Titus
dc.description.abstractThis paper explored the influence of personal virtue or project participants on the success of construction projects. Literature was reviewed on virtue from the point of view of practice. A survey assessed the success of construction projects and evaluated the personal virtues of project participants, and the two were then analysed and correlated. The findings suggested that there was no significant relationship between project management success and personal virtue of project participants. Based on these findings, moral education for practitioners was recommended to sensitize them on the importance of virtues in work for betterment of the practice.en_US
dc.titleTo what extent does personal virtue of project participants affect project management success?en_US

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