Digital content security: video streaming digital rights management system

Owenda, Benjamin Odonya
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Strathmore University
The usability and applicability of digital videos, especially through the Internet, offers great opportunities for Kenyan content creators to further their careers as the platform enables them to share ideas which contributes to knowledge in the field which in turn generates wealth in the industry as new and efficient ways of creating the content are discovered making the production and distribution process cost effective. The Internet is however proving to be a double-edged sword as there have been multiple reports and incidences of copyright infringement within the country. This can be largely attributed to the fact that the platforms available to the average user provide a convenient environment for them to make several copies of the protected media file and distribute them as they wish: which facilitates misuse, piracy and plagiarism. The purpose of this project was to mitigate the unlawful replication and dissemination on an enormous scale of digital videos that are owned by practitioners in the education industry and presented to end users over the Internet. This followed a move by the players in the industry to convert their content into a digital format to meet the demand for online classes. Popular avenues that have been used to acquire copies of the digital streams include by use of standalone file grabbing software such as Internet Download Manager or browser plugins such as DownThemAll. These software implementations are extremely simple to use and allow users to create local copies of the streams through a single click of a button. They therefore present a threat to an entire ecosystem as content creators are heavily dependent on revenues generated from their material. This study seeks to develop a solution in the form of a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that can be used to secure video streams and, in the process, preserve their economic value. A DRM system secures and implements the rights associated with the use of digital content by use of a set of access control technologies, which ensures that the videos are consumed as intended, and no illegal duplicates are created. Rapid Application Software Development Methodology were leveraged to accomplish the objectives
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Information Systems Security (MSc.ISS) at Strathmore University
Digital Video Streaming, Copyright Infringement, Digital Rights Management, Access Control Technologies