A Case study investigating ways to improve the science learning environment to foster teaching and learning in the primary section of borough school

The purpose of this case study research was to investigate ways to improve the science learning environment to foster teaching and learning in the primary section of Borough School. The study addressed the science room as a tool for learning with a special emphasis on content, process and structure of the room. The first stage was to assess the situation of the learning environment and find the suggestions required to lead to an improvement. Both students and pupils of Borough school were involved in this assessment. The second stage involved looking for ways towards the desired improvement with the support of the teachers of science in the school. The improvement suggested for the science room was implemented and its effects assessed towards the end of the study. The outcomes of the research in terms kthe room, relationships, instructional materials, knowledge and skills) with its appropriate sub-aspects were identified as critical in fostering teaching and learning of science. The improvement enhanced the attitudes, relationships, knowledge and skills of teachers and is hoped to enhance the performance of the pupils at the national exam. It also archived the materials and resources, in one place for ease of use and to encourage use, order and organization of the room by all members of science panel in the school. Since the study is a case study research, the outcomes of this research can be used to develop a quantitative study of a number of schools to check whether the aspects and sub-aspects identified as critical pillars in the teaching and learning of science can be generalized to a wider population. Case study research methodology was used involving teachers and students of Borough School as sources of evidence for the study. The study found that to improve the teaching and learning of science, the learning conditions for the students and teacher preparedness should be improved as well as focus attention on improving teacher quality and the social environment in the school.
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Educational Management (MSc.EM) at Strathmore University
Science Learning Environment, Teaching and Learning, Relationships, Knowledge and Skills, Instruction Materials, Learning Goals