An investigation of the influence of electronic human resource systems knowledge level on employee performance management process: a case of network service equipment provider companies in Kenya

Kimenyi, Margaret Wamuyu
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Strathmore University
Electronic HR (e-HR) systems is a form of technology that allows HR professionals to assimilate an organization’s human resources policies and processes in order to expand overall human resource service supply. The aim of this study was to investigate how the line managers’ knowledge level on using electronic human resources (e-HR) systems supports the organization to seamlessly undertake the employees’ performance management process in Networks Service Equipment Provider (NEP) Companies in Kenya. The focus of the study was on four (4) factors, to determine the line managers knowledge level on how to use e-HR systems to complete employee individual performance management agreements; to determine the influence of e-HR systems knowledge level on goal setting agreements closure by line managers; to identify the influence of e-HR systems knowledge level on virtual employee management and extent of control on employee performance management process; and to determine the extent to which e-HR systems knowledge level support line managers’ compliance with the employee performance management process. The study employed descriptive research design and the design was chosen as it portrays an accurate profile of e-HR systems within the four Service NEPs in Kenya. The target population for this study was sixty one (61) managers, and 72% of them participated in the survey. Closed and open ended questionnaires were used as a tool for gathering primary data from the field. The findings indicated that the use of e-HR systems is a practice that has been adopted in the industry, and investing in the line managers knowledge level has had a positive contribution in the employee performance management process.
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of Master of Business Administration
Electronic human resource systems, Employee performance, Management, Network service equipment providers, Kenya, electronic HR, Performance Management, Goal Setting, Virtual Employee Management, Extent of control and compliance