Strathmore Studies in Law is the text book series of Strathmore University Press dedicated to providing new, original up to date and contextualised texts to assist in the teaching of law in Kenya. All contributions in this series are peer reviewed and developed primarily under the faculty development efforts of Strathmore Law School.
Series Editors

  • John Osogo Ambani
  • Dr Luis Franceschi
  • Dr Jennifer Gitahi
Assisted by
  • Francis Kariuki
  • Humphrey Sipalla
  • Douglas Gichuki

Recent Submissions

  • Ours by right 

    Kameri-Mbote, Patricia; Odote, Collins; Musembi, Celestine; Kamande, Wilson (Strathmore University Press, 2013)
    This is a pioneering study on a critical, yet infinitely complex subject, in the setting of legal and constitutional rights in an African country: the subject of property rights. If the property-rights label appears ...
  • International Criminal Justice in Africa 

    HJ van der Merwe; Kemp, Gerhard; Asaala, Evelyne Owiye; Asin, Jerusha; Bakama, Eugène; Maunganidze, Ottilia Anna; Retief, Jeanne-Mari; Siwingwa, Emilia (Strathmore University Press, 2016)
    This book contains a collection of papers by members of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s African Group of Experts on International Criminal Justice. The book is the third of its kind1 and follows in the footsteps of its ...