An m-education prototype for data collection : a case of Teachers Service Commission - Kenya

Muthangya, Joshua Musyimi
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Strathmore University
Technology provides technical support to organizations by automating business processes in-turn enhancing productivity and service delivery. Management Information System (MIS) are one such technology whose integration with mobile phone technologies has aided business process optimization. The integration of mobile phone data collection applications with management information systems has enabled data driven decision making and bridging of information gaps by providing decisions makers, planners, managers and other stake holders with relevant, reliable, comprehensive, unambiguous and timely information, Data collection in government sponsored schools in Kenya through existing Education Management Information Systems is still largely paper based as data is collected through Data Return Forms similar to questionnaires and later keyed into systems for analysis and reporting. This process takes time and eventually creates an information gap within the Education sector. This research aimed at realizing the use of mobile phone applications to collect and present real time data on the actual state of respective government sponsored schools and learning institution in Kenya. It involved a review existing data collection techniques and open source mobile phone application frameworks that informed the development of the M-Education application prototype.
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc.IT)
m-education, Mobile application, Data collection, Teachers Service Commission, Kenya, Education