Business reactions to cyber security threats in the Kenya business environment

Onwong'a, Celestine Moige
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Strathmore University
The global wave of information and communication technologies (lCT) has brought enterprises not only enormous benefits, but also linked information threats. This thesis discusses the reactions of businesses to these cyber security threats in the Kenya business environment. More specifically it examines the characteristics of cyber security threats, the awareness levels of the Kenya business community to these threats, the manifestation of cyber security threats and the overall business reactions to the threats. The empirical study was conducted in businesses across 12 different sectors within Nairobi County between November 2012 and January 2013. It targeted IT specialists and internal auditors from each of the sampled businesses totaling 83 respondents. The research adopted a descriptive and correlational design. Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The analytical results revealed that business reactions are pegged on the realization of the internet as a "double-edged sword", which provided many opportunities for individuals, organizations and governments to develop but with it brought endless opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit The research argues that cyber threats, with their unique characteristics, present new challenges to law enforcement, organizations and society as a whole. The study also finds that films have reacted to this 'new' risk by putting in place various cyber secu!i!YJn~as'Yl:5'.s.e.g.having in place policies and guidelines, installing various ----~~ ,- "'. . technological tools like anti-viruses with an aim to deter, prevent and detect cyber security threats. More is yet to be done by the various stakeholders in Kenya so as to secure the cyber environment. This study recommends an extension of the study to small and medium-sized organizations as it would enhance the generalizability of the findings. Different parts of the country could also be considered for future research for comparability purposes.
A research thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Commerce
Cyber security, Business, Kenya, ICT