A framework for evaluating ICT use in teacher education A case study of the primary teacher training colleges in Kenya

Otieno, Oredo John
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Strathmore University
Teachers are under increasing pressure to use Information and Communication Technology to impart to students the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to survive in the 21st Century. The teaching profession needs to migrate from a teacher centered lecture based instruction, to a student-centered interactive learning environment. To attain this aspiration, an ICT enabled teacher education is fundamental. Towards this end, international and national authorities have been spending huge amounts of money to facilitate the implementation of ICT teacher education. This work attempts to evaluate the ueage of the available ICT facilities in Kenyan Public primary teacher colleges focusing ion the quantity of computer use,and the levels attained in terms of using ICT's support.
Partial fulfillment for award of the degree of Master of Information Technology
Information Communication Technology -- Education, E-learning
LB1028.43O76 2008