A Prototype to identify fraudulent sim card registration using Public Key infrastructure verification approach

Wanja, Gate Maureen
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Strathmore University
Identifying a legitimate subscriber is important for the Mobile Network Operators during the SIM card registration and verification process. Over the years, the use of Mobile devices has grown steadily, increasing the numbers of subscribers to the different MNOS significantly. The MNOs are the owners of the SIM cards which they issue to their subscribers. The SIM card stores critical information belonging to the user, and information such as the IMSI number is unique to identifying the module. Different governments have approached the issue of SIM card registration differently. In some countries, SIM card registration is mandatory, and there is a requirement to provide identification during the registration process, while this is not a requirement for other countries. The Mobile Network Operators must have the Know Your Customer policies to validate the users as they activate the SIM modules. The research objective was to design, develop and test a prototype used by the mobile network operators and the users for self-registration of SIM cards. This objective was achieved by creating a verification platform for the users to activate their SIM modules after purchasing them from MNOs. Activating the SIM would be done after a user has been issued with a signed public key by a certificate Authority. The prototype used the functionalities of the PKI that ensured the integrity and authentication of the legitimate users. Unit and usability tests were conducted to validate if the prototype achieved its main objective. Different users involved in the data collection phase gave their recommendations, which formed the requirements for developing the prototype and furthering this research work. Each of the specific objectives was also discussed to show how each was achieved.
A Thesis Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters of Science in Information Systems Security at Strathmore University
Certificate authority, Sim card registration, Public Key infrastructure verification approach