Hybrid application for universal loyalty system in consumer and brand loyalty management

Imelda Hope, Imelda Hope
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Strathmore University
Loyalty being a particularistic virtue is used in customer relationship management initiatives as a basis for customer retention strategies. Evolvement of loyalty programs over the century has led to an increase of niche strategies that businesses tailor to best fit their end goal- profit. This is both a positive and negative influence on brand and consumer loyalty. In the long run, consumers are enrolled into endless customer loyalty programs by businesses and tend to forget about the existence of most of these programs due to mismanagement and/or lack of interest. It is a nuisance to customers to keep track of all these loyalty programs. On the other hand, the businesses struggle with liabilities and operational costs for management of loyalty programs. The solution is a universal hybrid loyalty program that aims at increasing customer retention rates by use of a standardized loyalty program tailored objectively to meet business needs. The project applied Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) for the design of the system diagrams because it models the system as a group of objects to identify the functional requirements of the system. The system development methodology used is Hybrid development methodology which is a combination of both waterfall and agile development methodologies. This is due to its utilization of the work breakdown structure that is both detailed and fast development strategy
An Information system project 2 proposal submitted to the School of Computing and Engineering Science in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology of Strathmore University
Universal loyalty system, Brand loyalty management, Hybrid application