Mapishi hodari: A restaurant automared ordering,delivery and payment system

Juma, Valentine Mareva
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Strathmore University
A good restaurant means one that provides great service, delicious food and amazing ambience. Everybody loves fast service when in a restaurant. The manual food ordering system hinders fast service because often there could be miscommunication between the waiters and customers. Most restaurants in Kenya use the manual ordering system where the waiter approaches customers once they get into the restaurant and give them the menu and after the customers choose what they will eat and drink, the waiter goes back to the kitchen counter and places the order and when it is ready, food is brought by the waiter to customers. For payment, most restaurants use cash and Mpesa where the customers pay via paybill number of the restaurant and having less methods of payment is quite limiting. The system to be created is an online ordering, delivery and payment system. Some of its advantages is that it will make the ordering process easier and it will enable the users to monitor their expenses and have their food delivered at the comfort of their homes. (REST LABS, 2017) The system will be a website-based system. This is because web-based systems have greater flexibility and scalability and are easier to integrate with other systems. The methodology used will be the agile one because it is very convenient in that it provides ample time to design, construct and test the system. The system analysis used will be the Structured Systems Analysis and Design (SSAD) and the system design will be Structured-Systems Design (SSD). I used notepad ++ to code and the language used to code is php. The system will allow the head of restaurant who will also be the admin, to add or delete items from menu and also to view the orders. The customers will be allowed to order from the system and also pay from the system with the payment option of their choice.
An Information system project 2 proposal submitted to the School of Computing and Engineering Science in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology of Strathmore University
Mapishi hodari, Restaurant, Payment system