A Web-based system for evaluating SME employees

Edalia, Michael Okwiri
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Strathmore University
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute greatly to economic growth due to the vast number of job opportunities they create. For SMEs to grow rapidly, it is important to have an effective performance system in place. Employee performance evaluations assess an individual’s contribution in a company. Most SMEs use informal approaches of assessing their employees. However, these informal approach limits necessary analysis of their employees for efficient performance management. As a result, businesses with ineffective employee appraisals would fail to align their labour towards their business policy The project therefore developed a web-based information system to enable SMEs to evaluate their employees. The project used an Object-Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD) approach and implemented the Rapid Application Development (RAD)methodology. The application was developed using Laravel, a web application framework and MySQL, a relational database management system.
An Information Systems Project Proposal Submitted to the Faculty of Information Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree in business Information Technology
SME employees, Web - based system, Evaluating