A Web-based charity application to link donors and the disadvantaged in the society

Apollo, Abisagy
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Strathmore University
Philanthropy supports projects or endeavours that may be unpopular or controversial to gain the widespread support of the public or government. This is mostly associated with the wealthy. Most donors in Kenya are the Corporates, especially the banks. Today anyone can donate if they have the will and ability as compared to early days when donation was only offered by the wealthy. This project aimed to create an application titled the Charity Application, that smoothened the process for a common mwananchi to donate items they do not need to the less advantaged. The application developed is a web-based application. It used the Agile Scrum Methodology. The programming languages used were PHP, CSS and HTML with MySQL for the database management system. An analysis was carried out and the essential diagrams drawn from the collected facts. The system was then tested during and after development to ensure that it worked as expected. The project has two access levels. The donor and the charity representative. Both users are required to register to use the application. The donor can donate an item or items, view link organisations, view hotspots and comment. The charity representative on the other hand, can view link organisations, view and add donation categories, add a donation cause, or/and add a link organisation that they have been working with. The developer is still working on the reports. The targeted reports included donations per donor, donation per categories, and year of donation.
An information System documentation Submitted to the Faculty of School of Computing and Engineering Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Degree in Business Information Technology
Web - based charity application, Donors, Disadvantaged