A Web-based charity management system for Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya

Ayodo, Newton Isaac
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Strathmore University
Charity is defined as the act of kindness where a group of people or an organization whose financial status are high and are willing to contribute part of their income in order to fulfill the needs of those who are less capable. Charity plays an important role in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), it contributes to their financial status and supports development projects in the society, enhance community development and help those who are less capable or affected by pandemics such as floods, diseases el cetera. Most non-governmental organizations experience a lot of difficulty in getting donations and funds for charity this is as a result of not getting sufficient number of donors who can donate funds or any other items. Some donors demand certain standards from the organization to prove whether they are legal organization when requesting for charity. There is lack of efficiency in which donations are being tracked which leads to lack of trust from donors. The main aim of this project is to come up with a technological solution by developing an information system to address the problem faced by Non-governmental organizations or charity-based organizations. The system will be accessed by the administrator, Non-governmental Organizations and donors. All users are able to register and login into the system. During registration of a non-governmental organization, it has to submit its registration number in the system proving it’s a legal organization for approval. Once approved by the admin, it will get an email notification of approval and it will be able to login. Upon logging in, they are able to send requests to many donors for donations. The project will also enhance the rate of tracking donations and transactions that have been made. A structured system analysis and design approach was used in solving the problem. Tools that were be used are; HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, XAMPP and MySQL. The project will benefit the organizations by finding a lot of ease in getting donors and keeping track of all donations that have been made
An information System documentation Submitted to the Faculty of School of Computing and Engineering Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Degree in Business Information Technology
Charity, Non - Governmental Organization, Web - based