Technical vocation education and training (TVET) in changing times, a critical view of prior learning as a link to entrepreneurship and employment

Momanyi, Christopher
Riechi, Andrew Rasugu
Khatete, Ibrahim Wafula
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Strathmore University
For many countries, lifelong learning is a key component to building the human capital that is innovative and competitive in the fast-changing global economy. Most people’s learning take place through non-formal and informal means, whether at work, home, or elsewhere. In many developing countries with their high school dropout rates, majority of people acquire workplace skills through informal means. Education and training play a fundamental role in Kenya’s development, it is not possible for any country to achieve sustainable economic advancement without a substantial investment in education and training. People improve the quality of their lives if their productivity improves by adopting entrepreneurship and uptake of technology. Artisans need to be trained to have an entrepreneurial attitude, measured by their opportunity recognition, risk cognition, start-up skills and networking. Entrepreneurial abilities are reflected by technology absorption, opportunity start-up and human capital. An entrepreneurial attitude is a distinctive strategy and implies process innovation, product innovation, high growth, risk capital and internationalisation. This research paper critically views prior learning as a link to entrepreneurship and employment by presenting analysed data collected over a three-month period from Jua Kali artisans operating in the Eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya. The analysed data presents Jua Kali artisans’ business management skills and how it affects their Performance. This research paper is a critical view of prior learning as the missing link to entrepreneurship and employment creation in a changing world.
The Asian Conference on Education 2021, Official Conference Proceedings
Prior Learning, Informal Sector, Technical Vocation Education and Training, Entrepreneurship, Employment