The right to appeal in traditional dispute resolution mechanisms in Kenya

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Strathmore University
Traditional Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (TDRMs)have been used to resolve disputes from time immemorial. These mechanisms are still vibrant to date despite the advent of the formal justice system through the courts of law. TDRMs are preferred on the premise that they are cost-effective, easily accessible, flexible and offer expeditious resolution of cases. This is contrasted to the formal justice system which is deemed as rigid, expensive, has procedural technicalities and backlog of cases. However, despite the merits of TDRMs, there are weaknesses characterizing the use of these mechanisms.
This chapter discusses an introduction to the study with a view to provide information based on the study. The chapter will provide information on the background to the study with the aim of explaining the need for carrying out the research. This part of the study details the statement of the problem, a justification for the study, the theoretical framework, the objectives and hypothesis of the study. Finally, the chapter explains the research methodology, the chapter breakdown and provides a timeline in which the study was conducted.”